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Questions and Answers about A Class Courses

Introduction to Drapery Design

Draperies and indeed Window coverings, Home furnishings, and Interior Design have all been quietly evolving in Trinidad and Tobago, and they now have growing potential for sound business opportunities. The question now is who will take advantage of these opportunities, and hence position themselves for economic independence. This can only be done through a deliberate and calculated approach to education in the how-to of these disciplines and also in business.

A-Class Draperies & Interiors leads the way in providing topnotch education for future entrepreneurs. The courses outlined are the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The outline is a guide to persons seeking to achieve professional certification in the art of drapery making or as Certified Window Treatment Consultant, Certified Workroom Professionals or Certified Color Consultants.

Here are some frequently asked questions please click on the links to read the answers.

Custom draperies are draperies made according to the standards adopted by the Window Covering fraternity. These standards dictate what is or is not acceptable for professional work. They also make the distinction between ready-made or mass produced draperies and draperies tailored for a customer’s need.

Unless you are taught the technical details and techniques of professional drapery making you will be unable to produce the high quality that is evident in custom work.

The potential for large profits is conclusive. This potential will significantly increase in the coming years due to the pending economic recovery. Nonetheless, success comes down to your ability to efficiently and effectively run a business. This takes a combination of proper training, determination, the will to succeed, seeking the appropriate financing and finally making the right move at the right time.

People with high standards of professionalism and a desire for the finer things in life often are the people who appreciate value for money. These are also the people with a lot more disposable income and thus, will not hesitate to seek out the professionals. Your challenge then is to target the right customers and to make yourself very visible to them.

Professional drapery making is a highly technical and creative discipline. It requires precision at each stage like a fine work of art. However, proper training in the use of machines and techniques will enable you to be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Proper training is an investment in your future. Look for a course that is well structured into comprehensive modules and that addresses the areas of- Industry Standards, modern tools and techniques, machine techniques, drapery hardware, interior design principles, business principles, pattern drafting and installation. The course should be delivered in a facility that provides a learning environment that exposes students to real-life business experience. The facility should be customized for the industry and should reflect the tutor’s level of commitment to excellence and to providing the candidates with value for money. Technology must be at the heart of program development and delivery.
The tutors should have a sound business background and be well qualified in the area of Window Covering. You must feel confident that such a person keeps in touch with the advances in the industry. He/She should demonstrate a high level of professionalism and must be able to put across his/her ideas in a very practical and uncomplicated manner. National and International recognition will definitely be an advantage.

1) Anyone who wants to make a career in making their clients space beautiful and comfortable.
2) Anyone who wants to save money by making their own home inviting and comfortable.
3) Anyone who wants to take his/her hobby seriously.
4) Anyone in who wants to grow their business and increase their market share.

If you plan in doing a course at this campus then you are looking at a hierarchy of very comprehensive modules. The Level 1 program contains all the foundation principles that are subsequently utilized in all the other programs. The interesting mix of techniques, curtain making, valances, Soft Furnishings and Interior Design makes Level 1 the catalyst for higher levels of success at the other modules.

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