Design with Drapes 3 2017-03-31T04:34:18+00:00
Design with Drapes 3 is an a Class Course


This program targets persons who want to expand their businesses and be able to find solutions to challenging windows and to satisfy the high-end clientele. It focuses on the use of advanced tools and fabrication methods as well as business techniques.

Prerequisite – Design with Drapes 2

Certification – Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ)

Course Details

  • 60 Contact hours
  • Fee – $7,000.00 TTD
  • Downpayment – $4,650.00 TTD Kit Included
  • Earn credits towards the regional certification (the Caribbean Vocational Qualification CVQ) in Home Furnishing Level 3 – For more information on the CVQ click here.

Topics Covered

  • Advanced Techniques
  • Solutions to Challenging Windows
  • Advanced Banding Techniques
  • Fast Continuous Bias
  • Fusing Techniques
  • More Shades
  • More Panels
  • Drafting and Fabricating Advanced Treatments
  • Professional Tools & Equipment
  • Working with Professional Patterns
  • Scaling Patterns from Pictures
  • And much, much more