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Installation Course at A Class Draperies and Interiors Ltd.


Over the years I have found that the biggest challenge is not that of making the panels or the swags but how to get them installed professionally. There are so many variables at the client’s premises and so little resources available locally that installation may sometimes become a nightmare. Now it is best to decide on what tools, rods, brackets and techniques to use at installation before fabricating the window treatment. This often requires a lot of foresight and creativity but it avoids costly mistakes or tacky installations. In this modern era of floor-to-ceiling glass (curtain wall construction) there is very little space to install a traverse bracket mounting boards. Knowing where to source supplies can enhance your products and increase your profits.

This intense five-day course is designed to expose you to tools and techniques based on years of experience and research.  You will be conducting actual installations and will be exposed to many time saving tricks and tips.

Prerequisite – None

Certification – Caribbean Vocational Qualifications(CVQ)

Course Details – Five days Program $5,000.00 TTD | Full payment is required.

Topics Covered

  • Change Control on traverse rod
  • Changing from Center to One-Way-Draw
  • Locking Center Support on Traverse Rod
  • Engaging end Brackets on Traverse Rod
  • Restringing and Rebuilding the Traverse Rod
  • Installing Traverse/Plain Combination Rod
  • Inserting Drapery Pins in Panels
  • Installing Sheer Under Treatment and Pleated Over Panels
  • Covering Swag Mounting Board
  • Installing and Dressing and Steaming Swags and Tails
  • Installing Pole Swags and Tails
  • Installing Tiebacks and Tieback Holders
  • Installing Double Lock Seam Rods
  • Installing Dauphine Rods
  • Installing Roman Shade
  • Installing Cornices
  • Installing Trim Track in Bay Window
  • Installing Panels in Bay Window
  • Installing Swags and Tails in Bay Window
  • Building and Mounting the Swag Stand
  • Installing Panels on Pole with Rings
  • Labeling and Storing Panels
  • Training Panels
  • Breaking the Buckram
  • One Way Draw Rods
  • Ceiling Mount Installation Tips
  • Corner Installations Tips
  • Bay Window Installations Tips
  • Measuring the Bay Window Angles
  • Working with Architectural Tracks
  • Installing Window Treatment Over Doors
  • Joining Wooden Poles
  • Installing Headboards
  • Arch Window Installation Tips
  • Handling returns on ceiling mounts
  • Stationary Rod Pocket Panels
  • Stationary Hobbled Panels
  • Dressing the Bed
  • Installing Treatments on Doors
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Responsibility of the Installer
  • Responsibility of the Client
  • Responsibility of the Workroom
  • Ocean view considerations
  • Dealing with staircases
  • Installing on molding