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Welcome to A Class Draperies & Interiors Limited

A-Class Draperies and Interiors Limited was established in 1997. The business began as a sole-trader, one-person workroom operating on a part-time basis; the same way most of our candidates begin their careers presently. Over the years the business evolved and now positions candidates to be internationally competitive. Today A-Class Draperies and Interiors Ltd. is known as the premier training Institution in the Caribbean delivering one-of-a-kind training in Home Furnishing, Soft Furnishing and Color Consultation and also for its excellence in fabrication. Our graduates are at the forefront of the industry; publishing articles in the daily newspapers and showcasing their work in stores all over Trinidad and Tobago.

Having raised the bar for the local industry we are committed to keeping ourselves on the cutting edge by continually restructuring and customizing our content and delivery style by incorporating new technologies and techniques into our curriculum and portfolio. A-Class Draperies and Interiors is also a registered member of the Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA), a non-profit organization that oversees the standards for the Window Treatment industry and promotes networking, education, excellence and ethics in business.

Drapery Design & Installation Course at A Class Draperies & Interiors Ltd

Drapery Design & Installation

On completion of this course, you will learn the vast difference between sewing curtains and constructing draperies. At the end of this course you will not only be CVQ certified, but you will be proficient in designing, constructing and installing both residential and commercial window treatments. We will teach you how to select fabrics and trimmings that work well together. We will teach you how to transform any regular room into a rich looking space with gorgeous window treatments with touches of soft furnishings.

Color Consultation Course at A Class Draperies & Interiors Ltd

Color Consultation

Whether you are draping fabric or choosing color, find the confidence and develop mastery to transform ‘nice’ into ‘wow’. With this course, you will learn the quick and easy world-class system of color coordination. On completion of this course you will be competent enough to drape fabric for events like the pros. If you want to avoid fears of making expensive color Faux Pas, sign up for this course. With your Dewey Color Consultant certification you will attract more customers, sell more and the get the right kind of attention.

Home & Soft Furnishings Course at A Class Draperies & Interiors Ltd

Home & Soft Frunishings

Eliminate years of trial and error, achieve the professional touch and fabricate draperies and soft furnishings flawlessly every time. Utilize the expertly developed systems, tools and techniques that will make working with fabric enjoyable. On completion of this Certified Course you will be able to minimize mistakes and achieve accuracy and professionalism in the shortest possible time. From perfect measurements, to accurate yardage calculation, to precise pattern drafting and winning fabrication techniques; we teach them all.

A Class is a proud Member of the following Associations